Best Country To Study Abroad For Indian Students

Cheapest Country to study abroad for Indian students

With the emergence of globalization, studying abroad has increased in number. It is a dream for many students. After covid restrictions, there is a desire to explore the options and live overseas as well. Many students have explored which is the best country to study abroad for the Indian students and there is a rise in the number of Indian students who apply to universities abroad. 

According to Ministry of Affairs data, 26,1406 Indian students have gone abroad in 2020 and nearly about 72,000 Indians went to study abroad in the first few months of 2021. As there the degree from the well-known international university is valuable enough to get a job later on. 

Which is the best country abroad for studying?

To decide which is the best country to study abroad for Indian students. There are several options available and picking the right one can be a difficult task. As certain countries are always in the top position when it comes to the educational field. There are various factors that can be looked upon. Some of them are described below-

  • Higher educational standards
  • Internationally renowned degree programs
  • Affordable high-quality living
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Ease to blend in the environment

Best Universities In The USA

University Name


Stanford University


Harvard University


Chicago University


Princeton University

New Jersey

Cornell University

New York

Yale University

New haven

Studying abroad in the USA is considered to be the best choice for Indian students. As universities in the USA provide various programs that help in the holistic development of students. There are various benefits also like advanced technologies, the latest study trends, amazing techniques, and excellent work-study culture. 

Further, there is flexibility in class timings, the opportunity to learn from the experts, and different career options. So, students try to get admission to the Universities of the USA. Many searches are for the Masters’s program to hone their skills.

Universities in the UK

It comprises Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland, the UK has more than 350 universities that provide several undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses for Indian students. If you are planning to study in the UK for your graduation course, then there are some best universities mentioned below.

University Name


Oxford University

Oxford, UK

Cambridge University

Cambridge, UK

Edinburg University

Edinburg, Scotland

Imperial College London

London, England

Kings College in London

London, England

Apart from the world-class education, studying in the UK gives chance to explore the world’s oldest architectural monuments. Various scholarships are offered by universities and the government to decrease the expenses of living and studies for Indian students.

To Study In Germany

There are well-known German universities also. As Germany is considered to be the land of poets and thinkers which is another best country for studying abroad Indian students. The country has a rich history of education and culture that promotes technology and development. Various great personalities like Albert Einstein, Adolf Friedrich, and Johann Butenandt spent a great time in Germany.

The cost of living in Germany is low and affordable education, friendly people, scholarships, and scope for research and development attracts many students. To study in Germany and make their career in respective fields like STEM. further, universities offer master’s programs also in Germany for Indian students.

Some best German universities are listed below to choose from and build your career-

University Name


Technical University of Munich

Munich, Germany

Heidelberg University

Heidelberg, Germany

Humboldt University of Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Munich, Germany

Top Universities In Australia



Melbourne University

Melbourne, Australia

Australian national university

Canberra, Australia

Monash University

Melbourne, Australia

Adelaide University

Adelaide, Australia

University of Technology

Ultimo, Australia

Australia is also among the best countries in the educational field. You can apply for higher studies at various top universities. Due to a reasonable fee structure, living cost, etc. 

Studying Abroad In New Zealand

When it comes to New Zealand, the top quality education is provided and affordable one also. It is the best country for Indian students to study. A safe and focused learning environment is offered with various diverse courses. There are the best universities available in new zealand to study. Some of them are listed below-



Waikato University


Canterbury University

Christ Church

Wellington University


Otago University



So, I hope now you are familiar with the best country and their universities to study abroad. For Indian students, the 5 mentioned above are the best to choose from and get the regional experience, exposure to a diverse culture, and quality education. Whether you seek an exceptional academic environment, cutting-edge research opportunities, or a vibrant student life, these universities offer it all. Expand your horizons, broaden your perspectives, and set yourself up for a successful future by studying at one of these top universities. Don’t miss out on the chance to make lifelong connections and gain invaluable international experience. Start planning your study abroad journey today!

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