Student Visa Requirements for Studying Abroad in New Zealand

The country of New Zealand is a priority among students looking for a safe place to study because of its competent faculty, top-notch facilities, and abundance of natural resources. New Zealand’s emphasis on research-based teaching, ensures that you will learn how to deal with circumstances in an ordered and systematic way. You’ll learn how to operate individually and with a team at different levels. You will be allowed to pose concerns, think critically, and gain from student-teacher interaction.

All International students have an opportunity to study in New Zealand thanks to the support of the NZ government, but you have to initially apply for a student visa. The sort of education you plan to undertake and the length of your intended residence in New Zealand will determine the type of visa you require.

Types of New Zealand Student Visa and its Requirements

Students who aspire to study in New Zealand universities or institutions have access to various student visas. These visas may change depending on the student’s age, study type, and stay length. The following is a summary of the several student visas available to candidates over the age of 18 who want to study in New Zealand for longer than six months:

3.Foreign Government supported Student VisaUtilize a loan or scholarship from a foreign government to study full-time for up to four years.
4.Pathway Student VisaOn a single student visa, you can take three courses that last for up to five years while also being eligible to work part-time.

Documents Mandatory for a Student Visa in New Zealand

The following documents are required for applicants seeking a New Zealand student visa as part of the visa application process :-

  • A Valid Passport
  • Student Visa Application Form
  • Student Visa Application Fee Payment Receipt
  • Passport Sized Colour Photographs

An admission offer is required; it must come from a New Zealand institute or university. Typically, the forms are distributed following the payment of the tuition fees.

  • Evidence of health insurance
  • Health and Character Certificates
  • Transcripts, degrees, certificates, and diplomas from the institutions you studied at . The interviewer may ask for more documents during the in-person discussion.
  • Official English Language Proficiency Test scores (IELTS: Academic, TOEFL, PTE Academic)
  • Evidence of Work Experience (Optional)
  • Statement Of Purpose (If required)

If the student intends to study in New Zealand for a period longer than six months, a Medical Chest X-Ray certificate signed by a member of the panel of doctors appointed by New Zealand Immigration is necessary. If the applicant intends to study in New Zealand for longer than 24 months, they must submit police clearance documents from their home countries as well as any places they have lived for more than 5 years since turning 17 years old.

You could be asked to provide proof that you have enough money to pay for your living expenses during your stay. You must demonstrate that you have NZD 18,000 for an entire year of study. This might comprise:

  • A scheme for scholarships
  • Financial records
  • Sponsor’s financial commitment to pay for living expenses
  • Evidence that you will depart New Zealand once your training is over.

How Can One Apply Online for a Student Visa to New Zealand?

Candidates should be aware that completing their New Zealand visa application online is the preferred option. As Compared to parcel post, the online technique is not only quicker but also less expensive.

As noted above, gather your documents. Scan and prepare all of your primary and additional documents in PDF format. Candidates are advised to check the official website.

Processing Time for Student Visas in New Zealand

Depending on the type of student visa granted approval times for New Zealand student visas might vary significantly.

Type Of VisaProcessing Time
Fee-Paying Student Visa35 days
Exchange Student Visa8 days
Foreign Government Supported Student Visa80 days
Pathway Student Visa35 days

Student Visa Application Fees for New Zealand

Students applying for student visas online are required to invest in a base visa fee of NZD 375, or roughly INR 19,200. Candidates who are submitting an online application for a student visa from New Delhi must pay NZD 430, or about INR 22,000, as receiving center costs.  The immigration price for those who apply for a student visa in New Zealand on paper (offline mode) is INR 22,600. In addition, students must pay a receiving center fee of INR 1,520. Before applying, candidates must still verify the official website for the precise amount charged.

Additional Information

You must finish your course as an international student within the time frame specified on the letter of acceptance for the course. You can apply for a Post-study work visa even if you don’t yet have a job offer. The visas you are given allow you to work in a temporary position while you seek a job in your industry. Up to 20 hours per week can be spent working part-time. You can work full-time throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays if your full- time program of study lasts at least eight months, includes at least two semesters, and totals less than 120 credits.


What kind of banking proof must I submit when applying for a student visa in New Zealand?

You need to prove that you have the financial resources to pay your tuition as well as living costs during the course of your study.

What happens if I don’t finish my studies before my student visa lapses?

To continue your studies in New Zealand if your student visa lapse before you finish them, you will need to apply for a new one. You might need to present more proof of your financial stability and English language ability to do this.

If I study in New Zealand on a student visa, am I eligible to seek permanent residency?

After completing your education, you might be qualified to put forward an application for permanent residency in New Zealand. The skilled migrant category visa and the work-to- residence visa are two of the many routes to permanent residence.

Does New Zealand permit study break during student visa applications?

International students may apply for a visa to New Zealand if they meet the entrance requirements for a New Zealand university and their study gap. The students can provide convincing evidence of their activities during the previously mentioned gap in years in the form of work experience, academic progress, and skill set during the interview.

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