Studying Information Technology (IT) in Australia

studying information technology (IT) in Australia

IT (Information Technology) is a rapidly growing sector with numerous chances for anyone wishing to advance their careers in a digital environment. Australia has emerged as a leading destination for international students seeking higher education in information technology. With world-class universities and colleges, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a vibrant tech industry, studying Information Technology in Australia is a fantastic option for students seeking a competitive advantage in the employment market.

Why Study Information Technology in Australia?

Australia has a well-established school system that offers high-quality training in a variety of IT sectors such as software development, network engineering, cybersecurity, data science, and many others. Universities and colleges across the country provide innovative, industry-relevant courses that educate students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the fast-evolving IT industry.

Here are the top reasons why Australia is an excellent choice for an IT course:


      • When compared to the current trend, the average Australian is predicted to spend 75% more time per week on advanced technology skills tasks by 2030. As a result, jobs in computers, web development, and mobile app development are expected to grow in the future (Source:

      • The progress of technology in healthcare, business, entertainment, and other fields produces an equal demand for IT workers.

      • In several Australian universities, there is the option of a professional year programme. It is a systematic programme created by the Australian Computer Society to help international students find work once they finish their education.

      • Many Australian institutions use a work-integrated learning strategy that allows you to apply classroom information in real-world circumstances, preparing you for a job.

      • Some Australian universities allow you to tailor your course to your interests in order to specialise in a specific topic.

      • According to The Australian Computer Society, a uniform course format that is updated on a regular basis is followed across the country.

      • Collaborations between Australian universities and IT behemoths ensure that their curriculum meets industry standards.

    Furthermore, studying in Australia can provide numerous advantages, such as exposure to a different culture, access to cutting-edge technology, and opportunities for internships and networking. International students can also take advantage of Australia’s post-study work visa programme, which permits them to stay and obtain work experience in the country for up to three years after finishing their studies.

    Australia as a study destination

    Australian universities provide international students with choices and opportunities across all study disciplines

    There are 43 world-class universities in Australia, many of which eat space in the top ranks. For an unbiased view, check any of the rankings:


      Here are a few of them, which have been consistently ranked among the top 100  

      University Name QoS World Ranking
      Australian National University (ANU) 30
      The University of Melbourne 33
      The University of Sydney 41
      The University of New South Wales (UNSW) 45
      The University of Queensland 50
      Monash University 57
      The University of Western Australia 90
      University ranking per QS World University ranking 2022

      Eligibility criteria

      Some of the popular streams to study in Information Technology are:


          • Data Science / Analytics 

          • Cyber-security 

          • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 

          • Software Engineering

          • Information Technology

          • Games and Design

        There are numerous options for Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees/diplomas in the above streams in almost all universities.

        Eligibility criteria really vary based on the course and university you will choose, but to provide high-level guidance, for a bachelor’s degree you will need:


            1. 60% in 12th

            1. IELTS Score of overall 6 – Australia also accepts PTE, and you will need an Overall score of 50 in PTE

          For masters, the eligibility will be:


              1. 50-75% in UG

              1. IELTS Score of overall 6.5 – Australia also accepts PTE, and you will need an Overall score of 58 in PTE

            There are Pathway programs offered by the universities in case the above criteria are not met.

            Fees Structure and Scholarships for International Students

            Scholarships and the Organisation of Fees for Students From Other Countries

            There is not one set price for studying information technology in Australia because it varies according to the institution, the course, and the region. The cost of tuition for an IT education might run anywhere from 36,000 to 1,44,000 Australian dollars per year. However, there is a possibility that international students could qualify for scholarships, which drastically cut down on the overall cost of their study.

            The majority of universities in Australia provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to international students who are majoring in information technology. The tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs involved with studying in Australia may all be covered, in part or in full, by these scholarships. The Australia Awards Scholarship, the Destination Australia Scholarship, and the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship are three of the most well-known scholarships available to students studying information technology.

            Education Level Average cost Time frame
            Bachelor’s degree between AUD 36,000 and AUD 1,36,000 Usually, 3 years
            Masters between AUD 46,000 and AUD 91,000 Usually, 2 years
            PhD between AUD 70,000 and AUD 1,44,000 3-4 years
            Total programme fee *estimated cost

            Career scope

            An Australian IT degree can help you get a job in the following fields


                • Software Engineer

                • Project Manager

                • Web Developer

                • Computer Programmer

                • Java Developer

                • Information Security Analyst

                • Systems analysts

                • Interface Engineer

                • IT Consultant

                • Information technology consultant

                • Systems Support Administrator

                • Network Administrator

                • Security Agencies

                • Security Expert

              In this age of digitization, the information technology industry has seen exponential development. It is anticipated that it will continue to grow in the future, which will provide you with new entry points and career options.

              Work visa after course completion

              After finishing your course, you will need to obtain a work visa in order to continue to live and work in Australia. The Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485 is the most popular work visa for former overseas students in Australia, and its validity period can range anywhere from two to four years, depending on the qualifications of the applicant. In addition, the processing time for the visa could range anywhere from six to twelve months.

              Read more: Work Permission on Student Visa

              In addition, the term of this visa ranges from a minimum of eighteen months to a maximum of four years; however, it is only available to students who have successfully completed a minimum of two years of study in Australia.


              Is Australia good for IT students?

              Australia offers an excellent education and lifestyle. International students studying in Australia benefit from the exposure and 15% career advancement. Higher education benefits overseas students.

              How many years to study information technology in Australia?

              A Bachelor of Computer Science/Software Engineering/Computer Forensics/Information Security/Data Science is a full-time 4- to 5-year programme that will prepare you for any job path you choose.

              How much does IT cost to study information technology in Australia?

              Most colleges in Australia charge between 35,000 AUD and 50,000 AUD ($19.18 lakhs and 27.40 lakhs INR) per year for a Bachelor’s in Information Technology. Students with a high school diploma and a grade point average of at least 60% can apply for this course.

              Are IT jobs in demand in Australia?

              The Australian government has assigned a “strong” outlook for future demand to every IT security post on its Priority Skills list. After studying IT in Australia, student can get experience on post study visas ( Read more about Student and Graduate Visas ) and later can also move to permanent residency by getting his skills and experience acccessed by Australian Computers Society ( Read more about ACS assesment ) 

              Are there any changes expected in 2024 for Student Visas ?

              Yes, In end 2023 Australian Government announced migration strategy and is working on it. Read Migration Strategy insights blog for more details

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