Average Age and Work Experience at the Top MBA Programs across the world

Average age and work experience of students at the top mba colleges

When considering pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, one of the questions that might come to mind is: “What is the average age of MBA students?” The answer to this question varies depending on the country where the MBA program is offered. Here’s a closer look at the average age of MBA students in different countries.

B-schools have been known to entertain candidates with a strong and exceptional background, most schools specify a minimum requirement for work experience. According to Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings (2018) the average age and work experience of different countries are: –

The Average Age Of MBA Students Across the World

CountryAverage Age of MBA StudentsAverage Work Experience
USA27-294 to 5.5 Years
Canada27-284.3 to 5 Years
UK28-325 to 10 Years
Europe28-324 to 7.5 Years
Asia28-324.2 to 9 Years
Australia28-29.65.7 to 6.7 Years

What’s the Average Age of MBA Students?

New data reveals that there are significant variances in both years of work experience and average age of MBA students in different types of programs, such as full-time, part-time, and executive (EMBA) programs. For those enrolled in full-time MBA programs, the average age is typically 27 years old upon commencement. This age range aligns with the standard three to six years of professional work experience most graduate students have before starting their MBA. Furthermore, the average amount of work experience for full-time MBA students in the US is five years.

Part-time and EMBA programs are more flexible and accommodating for older students who already have well-paying jobs and substantial familial obligations. The average age of MBA students in part-time programs is 29, with an average work experience of six years and seven months. In contrast, EMBA students average almost 39 years of age at the beginning of their programs, with an average of almost 15 years of work experience.

Average Age & Work Experience At Top U.S. MBA Programs

In the United States, the average age of MBA students is around 27 years old for full-time programs. The average graduate student has three to six years of work experience before beginning their MBA, thus this fits. In the US, full-time MBA students typically have five years of job experience. There are differences amongst schools, though. Stanford, Harvard, Michigan, Virginia Darden While entering MBAs at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington and the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University are a year older at 29, Ross skew slightly younger at 27.

Sl. NoUniversityAverage AgeWork Experience (In Months)
1Stanford GSB2753
2Chicago (Booth)2860
3Harvard Business School2755
4Pennsylvania (Wharton)2860
5Northwestern (Kellogg)2861
6MIT (Sloan)2859
7Columbia Business School2860
8UC-Berkeley (Haas)2865
9Dartmouth (Tuck)2863
10Yale School of Management2858

Average Age & Work Experience in Canada

In Canada, the average age of MBA students is around 30-32 years old. Similar to the UK and Australia, many Canadian MBA programmes demand a few years of work experience prior to admission. However, there are MBA programmes in Canada that also accept applicants straight out of undergraduate school.

Sl. NoUniversityAverage AgeWork Experience (In Years)
1University of Toronto285
2Queen’s University274.4
3Western University28.54.8
4McGill University295
5University of British Columbia303 to 5
6University of Alberta29.35.4
7Concordia University286
8Dalhousie University245
9University of Montreal317
10McMaster University274

Average Age & Work Experience in Australia

In Australia, the average age of MBA students is generally slightly higher than in the United States. The Financial Review Boss reports that the typical age of MBA students in Australia is in the range of 30-35 years old. This is because several years of work experience are typically required for admission to many MBA programmes in Australia. Furthermore, a lot of Australian students who are seeking an MBA do so while working full-time.

Sl. NoBusiness SchoolAverage AgeWork Experience (In Years)
1Melbourne Business School286
2AGSM at UNSW Business School307

Average Age and Work Experience for MBA in UK

In the United Kingdom, the average age of MBA students is around 29-32. Many MBA programmes in the UK, like those in Australia, demand several years of work experience before entrance, which contributes to the older average age of MBA students.

Sl. NoBusiness SchoolAverage AgeWork Experience (In Years)
1London Business School295.5
2University of Cambridge Judge306
3University of Oxford Said295
4Alliance Manchester Business School296
5Warwick Business School328
6Imperial College Business School307
7City University of London, Bayes (formerly Cass)306
8Durham University Business School319
9Lancaster University Management School317.5

It is best for international students to research the options suited to their needs and profile.


What is the Average Age of MBA Students?

The typical age of students enrolled in full-time MBA programs is approximately 27 years.

Is MBA worth it at 30?

Over a period of twenty years, individuals with an MBA degree typically earn between $500,000 to $1 million more than their counterparts who did not pursue a business education.

Is 35 too old for an MBA in India?

Age is not a factor for doing MBA, but it’s important to justify why you want to pursue it later in life.

Does age matter in MBA placements?

Although age is generally not a determining factor in MBA campus placement, you may be asked to provide an explanation for any gaps in your education during the HR round.

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